Spanish | Español

  • Spanish (español / castellano) is a global language with nearly 500 million native speakers, mainly in Spain and the America.
  • Spanish is the official language of 20 countries
  • It is the world’s second-most spoken native language after Mandarin Chinese and the world’s fourth-most spoken language overall after English, Mandarin Chinese, and Hindi.
  • Spanish is a part of the Ibero-Romance group of languages of the Indo-European language family.
  • DELE (Diplomas de Español como Lengua Extranjera) is a official diploma issued by the Spanish Instituto Cervantes, indicating the language proficiency. The certification is valid permanently. The level are as mention below-
  1. DELE A1 & A2 : Basic Levels
  2. DELE B1 & B2 : Intermediate Levels
  3. DELE C1 & C2 : Expert Levels
  • These exams test the language proficiency in Reading, Listening, Writing and Speaking.

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